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TUBE-TECH at Full Sail Orlando,US

Darren Schneider on the use of TUBE-TECH

Darren Schneider is the head engineer,Producer for Full Sail University in Orlando FL. He has three rooms all with Tube Tech gear.

His main room is the Audio Temple.


SMC2B: If one is good Three is Better!!          The Audio Temple                                       Audio Temple gear


Darren uses his three SMC2B for mixing. One for the stereo bus, one for a drum sub, and one for what else needs some tube Tech magic. He also uses CL1B, 2 PE1C and 2 ME1B.


"Tube Tech has been a main stay in my audio gear diet for over 22 years. Whether I am working with Deep Purple to Backstreet Boys Tube Tech is always my first choice to take the recording or mix to the next level.  The personality and warmth the compressors and eqs add is unmistakable.   Here at Full Sail University we have multiple Tube Tech pieces in all of our major Studios witch makes it easy for students to pick the right tool for the job!  I love the stuff you guys make!!"


Darren Schneider client list.










                                                                                                                                     Full Sail University Campus Video.

                                                                                                                                     Audio Temple at 1:50


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