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General User Statements

Ben Lemelin, Canada


"I'm Ben Lemelin from the band ''Your Favorite Enemies''  and we are really really into all the products you're doing... and I feel that music nowadays really benefits from people like you who are still passionate about what they do.... not only selling units.....but giving life and warmth to music, and that's definitely what Tube tech are doing !"



TUBE-TECH - Featured User Statements

We are in contact with many happy TUBE-TECH users from all over the world!

This page presents a handfull of all the users we know:


Gabriel Roth, Co- Owner, Chief Engineer and Producer, Daptone Studios, Broklyn, NY


Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, The Budos Band, Naomi Shelton, Amy Winehouse


""There are very few pieces of outboard gear that I depend on, and very few audio company''s that I trust. However, anyone that''s worked with me at Daptone Studios can testify that the dominant color of my humble outboard rack is Tube-Tech blue. I have grown to depend heavily on their PE-1C and ME-1B equalizers for their unique musicality. I am able to distinctly reshape drums, horns, vocals, orchestral tracks, or even entire mixes without making them sound effected or cappy.

I can honestly say that I depend more heavily on Tube-Tech than on any other outboard gear. I endorse their products with confidence."


Check Gabriel demo his TUBE-TECH tricks. Videos from TUBE-TECH visit at Daptone + Gabriel''s statements.


Article about Daptone Studios

MTV Daptone Video

Amy Winehouse Recording Video



Al Schmitt


Paul McCartney,Dianna Crall, Natalie Cole, Shelby Lynne,  Ray Charles, Chris Botti, Babara Streisand, Steely Dan, Toto.


" I love my Tube Tech SMC2B and use it all the time! ( Mix bus compressor.)

Very often I use the TUBE-TECH MP1A Mic Pre.  When I record Willie Nelson, it's a must.


Read more about Al Schmitt using TUBE-TECH and watch the interview.


Al Schmitt mixes Grammy nominated recordings with TUBE-TECH gear ( MIX Magazine )

Read Press release about Al Schmidtt and TUBE-TECH (TRANSAUDIO GROUP)



Joe Chiccarelli


".......I use the Tubetech SMC2B on the mix buss on many occasions. I''ve used it on tracks for Rufus Wainright, Beck ,The All American Rejects, The Offspring. I love being able to have separate compression control over three bands. Often many stereo buss compressors will squish and darken the midrange of a track. In a rock track this takes the attack and impact out of the guitars and drums . Having the separate control over all parameters I can set my attack time to be the mildest on the electric guitar range. Being able to control the frequency range in the low end works well on tracks that are very dance oriented. I can adjust the crossover point and make sure the low end never gets to overcompressed and soft...... "



Paul Pappy Middleton


Bonnie Raitt FOH since 1986!

Studio and tour work with: Rolling Stones”, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Sting, Jackson Browne, Bruce Hornsby, Shawn Colvin, David Lindley, Z Z Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Don Henley, Lyle Lovett, Bela Fleck, Huey Lewis and The News, The ‘Most Marvelous’ Ruth Brown, ‘His Honorable’ Charles Brown,The Jefferson Starship, Little Feat, Neil Young, Chris Isaak, Willy Nelson, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, John Prine, Keb Mo, and many more


"You are apart of that team everyday in and out of my studio and touring. Couldn't and wouldn't do without my Tube-Tech gear. Thanks so much!"




Marty Stuart / Nick Conley


Country singer Marty Stuart and long-time engineer Mick Conley went into RCA Studio B in Nashville to cut tracks for his Ghost Train album in the first room that Stuart ever recorded in, back in the early 1970s when he was playing with Lester Flatt. Conley then turned to a Tube-Tech SSA2B summing amplifier as the final stage in an otherwise in-the-box Cubase 5 mix.

'It's getting harder for a lot of studios to justify spending thousands of dollars on a good analogue console,' Conley said. 'Even when I have access to one, I only use a portion of its capabilities. But Marty and I both like tubes and transformers. We need some iron in our diet, right? So we asked the good folks at TransAudio Group to send us a demo Tube-Tech SSA2B summing amp. I should have known it would be like bringing a puppy home for a demo. There was no way we could send it back!'

Stuart and Conley also produce a weekly half-hour show, called The Marty Stuart Show, on the RFD network. Their new SSA2B makes a big difference there as well. 'TV is really very difficult,' said Conley. 'With the data compression and dynamics manipulation used in broadcast it is even more important to try to achieve as much separation as possible. With the new summing amp, the greater depth of field keeps things from wadding up in the centre, the way they otherwise do. The end result is greater clarity.'


















Darren Schneider Head engineer,Producer for Full Sail University in Orlando FL.


Darren has three rooms all with Tube Tech gear.His main room is the Audio Temple.


"Tube Tech has been a main stay in my audio gear diet for over 22 years. Whether I am working with Deep Purple to Backstreet Boys Tube Tech is always my first choice to take the recording or mix to the next level.  The personality and warmth the compressors and eqs add is unmistakable.   Here at Full Sail University we have multiple Tube Tech pieces in all of our major Studios witch makes it easy for students to pick the right tool for the job!  I love the stuff you guys make!!"


Read more

David Morgan FOH Mixer


Steely Dan, Simon & Garfunkel, Lionel Ritchie, Whitney Houston,James Taylor, etc...


"My new love is the Tube-Tech CL-2A for vocals, I got introduced to it three years ago when I saw Clive Franks using it on Elton John. Elton''s voice sounded wonderful, and I was looking at the compressor hitting about four or five dB of compression and couldn''t hear it at all. What it added to a vocal mic was exactly what we want in live music, so I tried it on Lionel Richie. I''ve been using it on lead vocals ever since."


Chris Pollard FOH Mumford and Sons


Chris asked us if he could test the SMC2B when the 2013 tour hit Copenhagen:

"I am very excited about using the unit. I use a lot of analogue gear (including your LCA2B) but the multi-band feels like the missing link for my Lead Vocal, and also for the master bus."

Now the SMC2B is part of Chris' FOH rig!



John O'Mahony, FreelanceEngineer and Producer, Electric Lady, NY


Coldplay, Metric, Alberta Cross, Kashmir (DK)


"I''m blown away by the CM1A compressor, its response is amazing, I never thought a Tube compressor could react like this!"


Listen to John O'Mahony's samples made with RM modules :CM1A and EM1A read Johns bio



Gregory Germain, recording/mixing engineer in Tokyo, Japan.


Miyano Mamoru / FAKY / Shionoya Sayaka / EXILE Shokichi / Itano Tomomi / MYNAME / IU / Hikasa Yoko / FLOWBACK / CHIHIRO / Doberman Infinity / D-LITE (from BigBang)... 


I"'m using Tube Tech everyday in workflow, the MP1A is one of my favourite mic pre

and works very well with various type of microphones. For me magic happen with some hi end clear and bright microphones like the Brauner Vm1 or Sony 800G. It's also one of my stereo mic pre of choice for ambiance or stereo recordings, sometimes just to warm up a stereo synth or keyboard using the Di Inputs.
I also love the CL1B that can be my main compressor or my second compressor for vocals by just adding the tubes vibes. I alsways use it for bass too.

We also own a PE-1A, previous version of the PE-1C that I also add on vocals after compression or on bass. Probably one of my favourite EQ's."






Rob Agostini, Soundbaker Studio, Australia


"I became a fan of Tube-Tech products about more than 20 years ago when visiting

a studio whichhad several EQ''s and comps.

Now at my own facility, I have an LCA2B and use it extensively as a master bus compressor for mixing and often print stems - most commonly those with stereo sources. It works beautifully on everything (especially strings & drums). I gravitate towards this unit for having a very musical sounding compression for mixing."










Alexis Bardinet, GLOBE AUDIO MASTERING, Bordeaux, France



"We already own a Manley and a Maselec compressor in our main Studio and we wanted an analog multiband compressor with character... The digital multiband works well but without the "life" and the"breath" of an analog one, it's so clinical...
We arranged a test listening of the TUBE-TECH SMC2BM and we decided never to give it back ! It's just perfect for mastering... This box have an incredible sound, very musical with great bass frequencies and without the usual hardness of the valve compressor."



Dennis Lind, Alaska

I sure love the TT sound!  For tracking, the CL-1B is hands down the best sounding compressor I've ever used and I've had the opportunity to use just about everything available.  I own 3 of them.

And the SMC-2B is the sound of God!  I use it on the main mix bus.


Villi Tokarev, Murmansk, Russia


Russian Star – Willi Tokarev.

Very popular Russian Chanson singer.

Villi Tokarev is an old fan of Tube-Tech and has a lot of TUBE-TECH gear in his studio.



TUBE-TECH users MLTR is the Most Popular Band in Asia.



MLTR is International Pop from Denmark

MLTR is the biggest International Act in China, Thailand and Indonesia.

MLTR is extremely popular all over Asia.

MTR has been TUBE-TECH Users since 1993.


MLTR have sold more than 9 million albums
since 1991.
(In Asia 9 mill.officially sold albums equals
about 900 mill. copies.)
The band  was introduced to TUBE-TECH at their very first session in Medley Studio, Copenhagen by
freelance engineer Jesper Bo. ( J Bo is now working full time for Lydkraft and TUBE-TECH.)
When establishing their personal studio in 1993, the band bought two channels of
"Classic Tube-Tech''s":
MP1A Mic pre
PE1C Program equalizer
CL1B Opto tube compressor
The Tube-Tech''s have been used for all major                                     
recording tasks on all releases, since then.
The units are still in fine shape and have been used exclusively for recording all vocals,
acoustic guitars, percussion, etc on the latest album "Eternity", another big hit in Asia.

For MTR's upcomming release due in early 2012 the modular RM8 has also been active in Mikkel Lenz' Studio

Link to Producer, Composer and Guitarplayer Mikkel Lenz personal studio.

Link to MLTR official homepage


Pictures from Mikkel Lenz home studio:







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